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Marine and Lube Services

Marine Services

Barrett Oil is one of the leading fuel distributors for the local marine community, delivering onsite fuel solutions to all types of vessels ranging from cargo/container ships to luxury yachts.

U.S. Coast Guard Marine Certified Fueling

Pricing for Fuel Bunkering or Lubricants upon request

Fuel Removal Service

Lube Oil Pump on Service

Fuel and Oil Analysis

Call our office today at 912-234-7231 or email one of our experienced

Marine Sales Professionals to discuss how Barrett Oil can meet your Marine fueling needs.

Oil and Lube Problems? We have solutions!

1. Not satisfied with current products or retailer?

2. Not sure which products are best for your machinery or vehicles?

3. Problems with bearings or other parts?

4. Engine oils not lasting long enough? Need to extend drain intervals?

5. Need an oil analysis kit to get an accurate read on how your current products are performing in your machinery? Help avoid major repairs and increase the life of machinery and oil intervals with this simple step.

For more information on any these services, please contact our main office today at 912-234-7231 or email our operations department.