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Fuel Products

Fuel Pro provides businesses and individuals with membership-only access to our convenient 24-hr automated fueling locations in Savannah, Garden City and Rincon.

Station Location

1. 6001 Commerce Blvd (on Hwy 307), Garden City

2. 3006 Tremont Rd., Savannah

3. 6159 Hwy 21 South, Rincon

A Fuel Pro account and Fuel Pro card issued and/or approved by our office is required to use one of our stations. For your convenience, we also accept T-Check cards at our Commerce Drive/Hwy 307 (Dean Forest) location.


Click here to download an account application today

Fax completed application to Fuel Pro at 912-233-5609 or email to Fuel Pro.

For questions about our application, please call our Fuel Pro office at 912-234-7231.


1. Control Your Fleet: Computerized system customized to meet oil pump servicesyour needs, providing fuel type, pumping limits and product restrictions.

2. Easy to Use: Step-by-step instructions allow speed and efficiency in fueling

3. Management Reports: Comprehensive fleet and vehicle reports make fuel reconciliation simple.

4. Security: Advanced magnetic stripe technology and PIN numbers, as well as camera surveillance at each site offers multilevel safeguards against theft

5. State-of-the-Art Fueling Facilities: Well-lit 24 hours, 7 days a week facilities with high-speed pumps offer gasoline and diesel products.

6. Local Management and Friendly Customer Service: Unlike some of our larger competitors, Fuel Pro handles all account management locally and in person right from our main office on West Bay Street in Savannah. No automated phone lines or long waits. Our helpful staff is on-site and ready to answer your questions promptly Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm.


1. Need help with something?

2. Need Assistance with your Fuel Pro account or services?

3. Want to apply for a Fuel Pro account?

4. Have questions about your billing?

5. Need to make a payment? (We accept cash/check/credit card.)

6. Need a new card?

7. Need to report an issue at one of our fueling sites?

8. Have other questions?

9. Call our office today at 912-234-7231 or click here to email our Fuel Pro manager


1. Card Reader Errors?

a) The following Card Reader Errors may be displayed on the card reader screen when you swipe your card. There are various causes for these errors and they can be easily resolved by contacting our office:

A) BAD CARD – if the card reader tells you "BAD CARD" when you swipe your card, that means for some reason our card reader cannot read your card. This could be for a few different reasons

i) Your card's magnetic strip may be too old/damaged to read. If you bring your card by our Fuel Pro office, we can check it for you to see if this is the case, and if so, replace the card and have you back at the pump within minutes with a new fully functional card.

ii) Your card's magnetic strip could have become demagnetized, meaning the encoding has been cleared of its data. This can happen when the card is around anything magnetic. Flip cell phones cases and money clips are common causes of demagnetization in customer cards. If you bring your card by our office, we can check it and recode it for you.

iii) Our card reader could need maintenance. We maintenance our readers regularly, but as with any equipment, they do occasionally need replacing or repair, so we greatly value phone calls from our customers informing us of any trouble they have at the pumps. By letting us know when you have trouble with a reader at a certain location, we can monitor and quickly resolve these type of issues.

B) INVALID FUEL – If the card reader tells you "INVALID FUEL" when you swipe your card, this means your card is not coded for the type of fuel that you are trying to choose. You may be selecting the wrong pump. Or you may need to have your card recoded to allow you to get that particular type of fuel. If you bring your card by our Fuel Pro office, we can check it for you to see if this is the case, and with your account administrator's approval, recode your card to include that fuel type.

C) NINVALID CARD - If the card reader tells you "INVALID CARD" when you swipe your card, this means that the card you are trying to use is not currently active in our fueling system. You will need to contact either the administrator of your company's fuel account, or our Fuel Pro office to check the card's status.

D) INVALID PIN – If the card reader tells you "INVALID PIN" when you swipe your card, this means that you are entering the incorrect PIN number for the card you are trying to use.You will need to contact the administrator of your company's fuel account to recover the correct PIN.

2. Slow pumps?

a) The most common cause of this is a tripped leak detector. If this occurs, everyone pumping at the station will need to release their nozzle at the same time and stop pumping for about 20seconds , and it should reset the detector and pumping speed should pick back up. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please call our office for assistance.

3. Other pump/station issues?

a) Please call our office to report any equipment problems, outages, or other issues.


We value safety at Barrett Oil. Emergency procedures are posted at each Fuel Pro site for immediate customer reference. Since our stations are unmanned, it's important to us that our customers are safe and know what to do in case of an emergency at one of our sites.

In case of emergency, remember:

1. CALL 911

2. EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON – Each of our Fuel Pro sites is equipped with an emergency stop button to be used ONLY in case of an emergency in which fuel flow needs to be cut off immediately to the pumps. Look around to locate this button the next time you visit one of our sites, and be sure to tell your drivers where it's at also. If you can't locate it, please call our office so we can help you locate it.

3. CALL FUEL PRO - Please contact us ASAP regarding any emergency situations at our Fuel Pro sites. If during business hours, call 912-234-7231. If after hours or weekends, please call 912-429-2393.

4. SPILLS – Please call our office IMMEDIATELY if you have or witness a fuel spill at one of our sites. This IS an emergency. We must respond as quickly as possible to prevent any fuel from seeping into the ground. Barrett Oil and Fuel Pro are committed to maintaining clean and environmentally sound fueling sites and appreciate our customers partnering with us in this effort.

For all other non-emergency issues with any of our sites, please call 912-234-7231 during our normal business hours (M-F, 7-5pm). Thank you!